I was stuck! At the peak of my career, I plateaued - I felt lost, confused, unmotivated. I was disappointed, uncertain, and frustrated with my lack of progress to the next level. Then everything changed...

Hi, I'm Andrew. I’m a Certified High Performance Coach, Business Growth Strategist. Avid Golfer. Digital Marketing Ninja. Proud Dad...

These are just a few of the titles that sum up my passions and the breadth of experience I bring to any engagement.

For as long as I can remember, my talents have been best expressed by helping individuals and business owners create solutions and make strategic shifts.

On some level, I’ve always supported high achievers in unlocking the clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence that’s proven to propel them forward.

My ethos? Push boundaries. Be straightforward. Dig into the root of challenges. And at some point during each day, do something lighthearted and fun. Add joy to life.

I’ve been on a personal growth path since I was fifteen years old when I first started reading self-help and personal growth books, which obviously contributed to my success.

I enjoyed an exciting and successful corporate career, working with Fortune 500 companies, small-medium enterprises and start-ups in 3 continents, across categories such as technology, financial services, energy & utilities, telecommunications, consumer goods, logistics and many others.

My plateau...

Despite all my success and drive, I reached a much-dreaded plateau in early 2016. I had trouble answering the question “Where do I go from here?

Up to that point, I’d shown myself and everyone else that I could succeed, that I could learn anything, but in that moment I just couldn’t decide what to focus on next.

I floundered, was uninspired, and didn’t feel productive (even though I worked hard and kept busy).

The spark was gone.

My sense of engagement, joy, and confidence was harder and harder to tap into.

My health deteriorated and my normally exuberant moods switched into moments of despondency. 

Then I attended Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy.

I was transformed.

When I got back, I looked carefully at my ideas around the “more” I was craving for and decided to take my skills as a problem solver to the next level.

I trained and certified as a High Performance Coach at Brendon Burchard's High Performance Institute and completed the Coaching for High Performance Executive Program at Queen’s University, mastering frameworks that turn traditional coaching on its head.

My mojo was back! 

When it came to moving forward, the status quo didn’t work for me, and my hunch is that if you’re reading this, it won’t work for you either.

I am honored and thrilled to be your coach...

Here’s just some of what I bring to the coaching process:

  • A natural ability for navigating through ambiguity
  • 25+ years of multinational Fortune 500, SMEs, startup, and entrepreneurial experience
  • Geek-like fascination for new tools and technology
  • Perspective, insights, and empathy as a parent, husband, C-level corporate executive, and entrepreneur who’s been there

Our Mission Together:

We’ll drill down to the whole truth behind what’s really meaningful for you.


[Photo with Brendon Burchard – Founder of High Performance Institute and the Certified High Performance Coaching™ program]

You’ll get out of your head and see past the shuffle of your day-to-day.

If you’re feeling fearful of your next leap or pushing it away for some reason, we’ll figure out why.

Picture yourself looking ahead and pinpointing a new set of challenges that excite you.

But my ultimate goal as your coach isn’t just to usher insights and breakthroughs—it’s to walk you through an action-oriented process that delivers measurable results, consistently, over the long-term.

That is the outcome! And we'll commit to holding the highest standards in our respective roles.

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